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04/19/22: With the Recent "Green Speed" Announcement from Cobb Tuning, we can no longer e-tune the following options: ALL deleted TGV/EGR/Catless/Flex Fuel Subaru WRX/STI's. We can however still tune for ethanol on Cobb, via two separate maps (a regular 91/93 map, and an e85 map) as flex fuel is no longer supported from Cobb tuning.

Options available for customers: Order an ECUTEK Subaru E-Tune on our site, or make your car completely compliant. ECUTEK will continue flex fuel support and TGV/EGR support for OFF ROAD/RACING vehicles ONLY.

DISCLAIMER: Vendetta Racing, LLC, along with MikeyTuned, LLC, will NEVER "Delete" Engine fault codes, to make a car compliant or "Pass" a state inspection/emissions test. This cannot and will not be performed, please do not ask.

Thank you for your understanding.

-The Vendetta Racing Team & MikeyTuned.

12/29/20: Excited for TX2k21! Our last track rental yielded a 9.1 @ 150mph, with plenty left in the tank! Looking forward to burying this car deep in the 8's soon :)